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If you have any queries or need gears or engineering help please do not hesitate to contact us by any of the methods below, or search us out at various race meetings around the country, specifically  at C.R.M.C meetings and Aintree where a warm welcome will be extended to all.

Telephone Mobile:  07854 083780

 Postal Address:  27 Parkfield Drive, Tyldesley, Manchester, M29 8NR.

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Specialist Gear Manufacturer for Racing Motorcycles

Please be aware, as we are currently rebuilding this site, some pages are not yet finished and show as under construction .

Welcome to the website of Moore Performance Engineering. If you are searching for a replacement gear or modified gears and shafts or gearbox conversions for your classic or modern road racing machines to include: Suzuki T20, T500, TR500, GT750, TR750, Kawasaki A1, A1R, A7, A7R, H1, H1R, H2, H2R, Honda 350 K4, CB450, CB500T, CB500/4, Yamaha TD, TR, TZ250, 350, 500, 750 or whatever then you have come to the right place. Please use the navigation panel to move around the site and click our logo in the top left corner at any time  to return to the home page.

About me

Hello, I am Ellis  Moore, Oily Tom to my friends, I am 50+ (ooooooooer!!!!!!!!) years old and a qualified toolmaker with over 35 years combined experience in both the automotive and aerospace industries. I have always held a keen interest in motorcycles, especially road racing. I first took it up as a hobby many years ago and decided to compete in classic and forgotten era  classes with a Weslake Triton, which I built, with assistance from Pete Smith, my good friend and mentor, from a collection of parts amassed over a period of time. I found this machine to be extremely fast and well behaved, if a touch fragile, but far to heavy for my small stature. I continued to race this machine but when a 250 singles class was formed in my local A.C.U centre,  I decided to build myself a lightweight BSA B25 single. This machine was my main rider for many seasons and after much tuning and development i.e. big bore/short stroke, belt drive, crank mounted ignition plus many more modifications, it eventually repaid my efforts, winning the Aintree 250 singles championship in 1999. At this point, I decided I had reached my  BSA’s limits with development and felt I could achieve better results on a  two stroke, as all the two stroke racers were continually leaving me out of the top 5 (Aintree runs singles and twins concurrently with separate awards). My trusty old BSA just couldn't compete down the straights.

Enter my current race machine, a Kawasaki A1R replica built by myself with the help of various people, mainly Pete (who is building and developing a Kawasaki A7R replica), from the remains of a Kawasaki A1 Samurai of 1966 vintage. After much tuning and many modifications including making a complete six speed gearbox and numerous spills when development didn't go as planned, I am finally achieving results. 2nd place in the Ace of Aintree 2006 trophy (250 twin class), and 1st in class at the Bob McIntyre memorial meeting at East Fortune, 2006, and "all my own work". My on-going project will be continuing the development of my A1R , and having got "2 stroke fever",  my next projects were to be a Kawasaki H2R 750 triple replica and a Suzuki TR750 triple replica. These projects have now been mothballed in favour of an Aermacchi 350 single cylinder built completely by myself and hopefully ready for testing at Aintree in May 2012.

……….Check the news page for my progress……….

The Company

Moore Performance Engineering (M.P.E) came into being in 2007 due to my job becoming redundant. My employers closed the factory and sent the work to Poland, India and China. The seeds for the company were sown many years earlier. It started when a racing friend of mine, knowing I was an engineer, asked if I would be able make some replacement gears with alternative ratio’s suitable for racing, for their classic racing bike. I set about this task, only as a “foreigner”, during work time, and using all the resources available to me, was able to produce a very acceptable gear set. When fitted to my friends bike, it assembled easily, ran smoothly and quietly, and was declared a very worthwhile improvement. Over time, whenever gears were mentioned during conversation, as gearboxes always are around the paddock on race days, my name was always brought up. Before long I was producing more gears as “foreigners” than I was doing company work. During September 2006 the announcement was made that the company would close in Jan 2007 and I was informed that I would be losing my job. The decision was made to start up on my own, and as such, Moore Performance Engineering was born.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and M.P.E and we hope you find this site usefull and informative.

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Me-Oily Tom

My A1R & behind, Pete’s A7R


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